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Andrei Prelipcean

I started lure fishing around 2010, my first fish was on a mepps no2, it was a small jack, I was amazed by this style of fishing and I started to study it really well, after reading on all sorts of forums, I bought my first lure combo. I started fishing on rivers and I had success straight away! I do a lot of fishing, participating in all sorts of competition, I’m trying to become better and in fishing, at every session I learn something new. 

Favourites and PB's

Occupation: truck driver/ hiab operator

Perch, Pike, Perch or Zander? - Definitely the perch, I enjoy to target them, I love them, the 2nd is the famous zander that I’m targeting once in a while... 3rd chub and trout , 4th pike and even catfish. I have been lure fishing for over 10 years now.

Perch - 47cm
Zander - better not to say ( I’m still after the big one )
Chub - 56cm
Pike - 104cm
Brown trout - 56cm

Fav venue: River Thames, I’ve bought a small dinghy and I’m hoping to find some huge zander from this beautiful river. I also fish on canals and lakes but I prefer rivers.

Most memorable session:  Is difficult to say, I really enjoy all of my sessions, I blank rarely.
I have to say the best one was like 2 years ago in the month of October when I caught over 10 4lbs perch from a lock, in between the perch I had some really massive pikes as well.

Fav fishing style: Is classic jigging, offset hooks, fishing with creatures for big perch.

Fav Lure:  There are many good lures, it all depends of the venue. I normally go fishing with around 5-6lbs of soft lure

Fav rods: I love the soft action of the Gunki Street, but you jsut catch beat an Iron T 


You can find Andrei on the following Media site;
Instagram -  @dmtfishing
Facebook -  @dmtfishingteam

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