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Gunki BC 200 XHS Reel -

Gunki BC 200 XHS Reel

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61331 Gunki BC 200 XHS Reel £109.99

Gunki BC 200 XHS Reel is a high speed reel that cranks back an impressive 80cm line per full handle turn with multi-disk progressive combat drag rated to 5kg.  Designed for active fishing like quick roving sessions or where fish can be provoked into attacking lures worked back hard.  The extra winching power means you can work lures back fast with ease a real advantage when covering large areas of water quickly and perfect when you need a techniques where you want to keep the line tight to the lure as you can quickly wind down any slack.  The BC 200 XHS is particularly suited to fishing with shads on loaded heads, shad on blades, Texan rigs or jigs and any other rig where up and down style animations bring extra bites along with a magnetic double control casting drag, magnetic and centrifuge for zero friction which the Anti-backlash spool and its Easy Grip EVA handle for maximum control, so If speed and control are important to your fishing then this is the reel for you.


Weight - 211g

Line Cap - 0.29mm / 150m

Ratio - 8.2/1

Ball Bearing x 9

Needle Bearing x 1  


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