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Gunki BC 4000 XHD Reel -

Gunki BC 4000 XHD Reel

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61139 Gunki BC 4000 XHD Reel £249.99

Gunki BC 4000 XHD Bait Casting Reel is a low profile reel designed for more extreme power fishing situations and fully capable of long distance casting and cranking with big lures.  This is the reel you need for prospecting big lakes and reservoirs looking for fish patrolling suspended in the water column. Pulls back an impressive 77cm of line with each full handle turn which helps when working lures back hard and fast.  The powerful gearing comes into its own when playing large fish a perfect complement for Gunki IRON-T Pike Addict bait casting rods.  

Gunki BC 4000 XHD is made up from a single piece aluminium body which enables a compact low profile body design with a Large pulling power capacity.  The perforated aluminium spool and powerful (14kg) multidisc drag system with carbon washers which assist accurate casting drag with centrifugal control with a ‘Sure Grip’ EVA handle

Gunki BC 4000 XHD is simply designed for the discerning specimen hunters out there.


Available in 1 Model;

Gunki BC 4000 XHD - Model 61139

Weight - 315g

Line Cap - 0.33 / 240m

Ratio - 7.1/1

Ball Bearing x 5  

Needle Bearing x 1


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