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Gunki Iron-T S Light Lure  - Gunki Iron-T S Light Lure  - Gunki Iron-T S Light Lure  - Gunki Iron-T S Light Lure  -

Gunki Iron-T S Light Lure

Qty Code Description Price
57477 Gunki Iron-T S Light Lure - 183-L/ML OUT OF STOCK
57478 Gunki Iron-T S Light Lure - 190-ML £119.99
57479 Gunki Iron-T S Light Lure - 210-ML £129.99

Welcome to the world of Gunki IRON-T.  Built with meticulous attention to detail to create a striking and innovative range of Rods.  The technical properties of each rod have been designed to meet the needs of anglers fishing with the latest techniques.  Gunki have used top quality materials, resins and carbons in each blank partnered with FUJI K-R Concept 'Low Rider Rings' to get greater distance, accuracy and no line tangles with Braid.  No matter what technique you are using the Gunki Iron T will give you want you need.  

Gunki IRON-T S series of rods designed for light lure fishing styles if you are into your Micro Jigs, Drop Shot, Rubber Soft Lures.  Ideal for using with our GUNKI “Think Finesse Game” lures or small plugs like Gamera 50, Gigan 39mm or tiny 29mm Kaiju Blade.

Gunki IRON-T S have a “fast regular” action that works perfectly with light lures and rigs when you want a light, sensitive, responsive.


The Gunki IRON-T S using in conjunction with a normal spinning type reels like the Gunki FV Reels.


IRON-T S available in 3 models;

57477 - 183cm - Rating of Light to Medium Light - Power 1.5 -10g - Weight 106g - £109.99

57478 - 190cm - Rating of Medium Light - Power 3 -12g - Weight 113g - £119.99

57479 - 210cm - Rating of Medium Light - Power 3.5 -15g - Weight 125g - £129.99