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Z-MAN SHM Jigheads -

Z-MAN SHM Jigheads

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Z-MAN SHM Jigheads 1/8oz Green Pumpkin
Z-MAN SHM Jigheads 3/16oz Green Pumpkin
Z-MAN SHM Jigheads 1/4oz Green Pumpkin

Z-MAN SHM Jigheads have been made to match the SMH™ WormZ™ and accentuate tail motion, the SMH Jighead was built to Brian 'B.Lat' Latimer's exacting specs: specific angles and head shape to precise hook ingredients. To aid its ability to slide cleanly through grass and brush, pivot smoothly on the bottom, and walk over rocks and other obstructions, the jighead features a pointed nose and angled eyelet. The hook-eye itself is slightly recessed for further snag-resistance.  The jig’s smooth oval surface eases its skip-ability under boat docks, laydowns and other overhanging cover.  For stealth and effortless hooksets with 6 to 15 pound line, the custom, round bend needlepoint 4/0 black nickel hook proved ideal.  Its medium-lightwire construction fits the finesseful nature of the worm without overpowering it, and a specially made welded wire keeper is easy to rig and excels at holding ElaZtech baits tightly. 


  • Designed by Z-Man pro Brian Latimer for shakey head style worm fishing
  • Custom round bend needlepoint 4/0 black nickel hook
  • Unique welded wire keeper is easy to rig and holds baits securely in place
  • Snag-resistant, easy-to-skip head design with recessed hook eye
  • Pairs perfectly with SMH WormZ™ and other popular ElaZtech® baits
  • 7 Baits per pack

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