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Daiwa Prorex AGS Baitcasting Rod 40-100g - Daiwa Prorex AGS Baitcasting Rod 40-100g - Daiwa Prorex AGS Baitcasting Rod 40-100g - Daiwa Prorex AGS Baitcasting Rod 40-100g - Daiwa Prorex AGS Baitcasting Rod 40-100g -

Daiwa Prorex AGS Baitcasting Rod 40-100g

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Daiwa Prorex AGS Baitcasting Rod 40-100g

Daiwa Prorex AGS Baitcasting Rod 8ft 40-100g has been designed with big predator anglers in mind, giving them the opportunity to truly succeed no matter the monster fish they are after.

With the Daiwa Prorex AGS Baitcasting Rods, predator anglers are supplied with a  8'0inch / 244cm rod that boasts a casting weight of 100g. This is great for lure angling as it offers an extremely light yet stiff rod tip which is sensitive enough to feel the pikes nibbling on your bait.

The rod is made from SVF carbon fiber blank under a X45 carbon construction. The nanoplus carbon blanks are made stronger with the V-joint connections and AGS® carbon fiber guides that hold the line beautifully even when highly stressed.

 Daiwa uses Toray nanotechnology and optimises it with our own fabrication processes to fine tune our resins down to the nanometre! - Nano-binding of resins optimises the adhering process of Daiwa’s best carbons to create ultra-high density blanks that are lighter, stronger and more sensitive.

Is a reduction in resin and tight packing of the fibres combine to make a lighter, faster, more sensitive blank.

AGS technology has been developed by Daiwa to produce rod guides with an exclusive and unique structure. AGS frames are made of an extremely resonant specialist carbon which is unbeatable in terms of sensation. Carbon gives rod blanks their stiffness and lightness – so what better link between the rod and the line than carbon itself? AGS carbon guides are the lightest in the world. Just as a rod’s blank has a fast action, the rigidity of the AGS frame offers extraordinary sensitivity, relaying vibrations on the line directly to your hand. Reading the bottom and bites with AGS technology simply has to be tried to be understood.

This manufacturing process involves layering spiral carbon fibres (90°), unidirectional fibres (0°) over three layers and two layers of carbon as helicoidal opposites (45°). These two crossed layers give the name Bias Cross Wrap. The wrapping of X45 guarantees true elasticity: a return to the original shape of the blank irrespective of the angle of load.

Multidirectional carbon fibres are structured through 3 equiangular axes (i.e. at 60°), to create a hexagonal carbon structure which maximises the rod’s resistance to compression under all angles.

 The V-Joint is made from Bias carbon wrapped at 45°, improving the curve and action of the rod under compression on the cast and the fight. The V-Joint’s Bias carbon has a perfect shape memory – returning to its original position as soon as the force exerted on the blank is lifted.


Daiwa Prorex AGS Baitcasting Rod | PXAGS802HXHFB-BS | 8ft 244cm | Rating - Heavy | Action Exta Fast | 2 Peice Rod |Casting weight of 40 to 100g | Rod Weight 156g

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