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Angling Trust's Anglers Against Pollution - Angling Trust's Anglers Against Pollution - Angling Trust's Anglers Against Pollution - Angling Trust's Anglers Against Pollution - Angling Trust's Anglers Against Pollution -

Angling Trust's Anglers Against Pollution

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Angling Trust's Anglers Against Pollution Campaign Packs

Support the Angling Trust Anglers Against Pollution Campaign by buying one of these brilliant supporters packs that contain a beautifully made enamel badge, a car sticker and a waterproof tackle box sticker.

All profits from the sale of these packs goes straight to the campaign.

For more information about the work of Anglers Against Pollution take a look at the Angling Trust website here https://anglingtrust.net/get-involved/anglers-against-pollution/

By supporting Anglers Against Pollution in this way, you will add your support to our long-standing battle to hold the Government to account in our mission for healthier waterways.


A recent WWF Living Planet Report estimated an 84% loss in freshwater biodiversity.

Along with climate change, the pollution in rivers, lakes and estuaries is having a catastrophic effect on plants and wildlife – and the biggest threat is in freshwater species. This is a big problem for anglers.


What is the Anglers Against Pollution Campaign?

Angling Trust has been uniting with the angling community to fight against pollution for over 70 years (since 1948) but as anglers, we see that the waters we fish are still in crisis, with water assessments becoming worse, not better. The British Government has repeatedly said that the UK wishes to be a world leader in conserving both the environment and biodiversity so Angling Trust has decided to take action with its new Anglers Against Pollution campaign which seeks to give anglers a voice in the fight for a better future for our environment.

2) Sign Angling Trust’s Petition

By signing the Angler’s Trust petition you help in calling on our current laws to be enforced and our water environment to get the protection it deserves. By joining Anglers Against Pollution petition, you will add your voice to our long-standing battle to hold the Government to account for our mission for healthier waterways. You can see more information on the petition and sign it here. 

3) Wear the Anglers Against Pollution Merch

If you want to be bold in your support and perhaps encourage others to join the campaign, why not wear one of Angling Trust’s new items of clothing which displays the Anglers Against Pollution logo. Wear a t-shirt or hoodie along with your enamel pin that comes in your Supports Pack with pride. The T-shirts and hoodies are available through Angling Trust and again, all profits from sales will be used to support the Anglers Against Pollution campaign.

4) Become an Angling Trust Member

If you join the Angling Trust as a member, your membership fee is used as the crucial support and funding to assist the work of Angling Trust for this campaign. Additionally, the more members Angling Trust have, the louder their voice when demanding change to the appropriate bodies. See all membership information here.

Whether you choose to purchase one of the supports packs for just £4.99, to show support for the campaign or contribute a bit more with a t-shirt, hoodie or membership, all help towards the campaign.



Predator Tackle are proud supporter of the Angling Trust and are please to be able to offer Anglers Against Pollution Campaign Packs, we only have 50 of these packs with every penny goes straight to the Angling Trust.

As anglers we can be rightly proud that we have been on the frontline fighting against pollution, so get behind the Anglers Against Pollution campaign so you can help demand that our rivers, lakes, canals and seas are clean and healthy places, full of fish and abundant wildlife.


Only 1 Packs current left in stock...As of the 16th Nov 21!!!