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LMAB Drunk Dancer 15cm - Singles - LMAB Drunk Dancer 15cm - Singles - LMAB Drunk Dancer 15cm - Singles - LMAB Drunk Dancer 15cm - Singles - LMAB Drunk Dancer 15cm - Singles - LMAB Drunk Dancer 15cm - Singles - LMAB Drunk Dancer 15cm - Singles - LMAB Drunk Dancer 15cm - Singles -

LMAB Drunk Dancer 15cm - Singles

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Drunk Dancer 15cm Singles - Angry Alfred
Drunk Dancer 15cm Singles - Tropicana Tina
Drunk Dancer 15cm Singles - Esox Emil
Drunk Dancer 15cm Singles - Cappucino Clara
Drunk Dancer 15cm Singles - Stracciatella Sara
Drunk Dancer 15cm Singles - Galaxy Gaby
Drunk Dancer 15cm Singles - Holy Helmut
Drunk Dancer 15cm Singles - Chrome Redhead

LMAB Drunk Dancer 15cm is the perfect big Perch and Pike bait with its combination of realistic body with ventral fins and seductively playing double-tailed twister!

Due to its diversity, this bait is especially interesting for fans of large baits. Thanks to its universal application possibilities, it can be used in almost any situation and should not be missing in any bait box of a big Perch & Pike angler! The rubber compound was chosen in a perfect ratio of mobility to bite resistance and mixed with a long-lasting flavour. Thanks to several decors for cloudy and clear water options as well as UV-active elements, everyone will find their favorite colour that suits the water.

Various presentation options:

  1. Shallow Rig: The Drunk Dancer can of course be offered on this classic rig, for this purpose, the Shallow Screw is screwed into the front of the head recess and a treble can be pierced on the abdomen or attached with the help of a Stinger spike. Different weights can now be hung to bring the bait to depth or to lead extremely shallow. Thanks to its special twister tails, the Drunk Dancer starts clean even with the lightest pull and can therefore also be used in winter or on difficult days.
  2. Offset rig: To fish directly in the weed or between reed stalks, it is recommended to use an offset hook for the Drunk Dancer. This is turned into the head and then pierced in the back of the body - getting tangled in the hook is almost impossible! Especially in shallow water or in summer between dense vegetation, this technique makes sense. Especially exciting is to pull the bait directly over water lilies - the bites come completely out of nowhere and surprise every time.
  3. Jighead Rig: Of course, a presentation at the Jighead is also possible and in some situations also very useful! The recess on the head of the Drunk Dancer allows the lead head to almost merge with the rubber bait and offers a much more lifelike presentation than conventional softbaits.
    Especially fished directly above the weed, the jig head is practical because it points upwards and despite its low susceptibility to hanging still allows a relatively good bite yield! We recommend a hook size of 6/0.

The colours of the Drunk Dancer at a glance

  • Esox Emil - realistic pike design with red tail ends
  • Stracciatella Sara - imitation white fish with aggressive point at the front of the bait
  • Cappuccino Clara - highly reflective décor with lots of glitter particles for sunshine
  • Tropicana Tina - strong UV-active perch décor as a classic shock color

All the facts about the LMAB Drunk Dancer

  • Bait length: 15 cm
  • Weight of bait: 23 grams
  • Top decors, partly UV-active
  • Perfect for targeted big pike fishing
  • Action: starts to play seductively even at a slow catch-up speed
  • Seafood flavor
  • Jighead size: 6/0

Sold in singles so you can pick and choose what you want. 

In Stock Now!!!

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