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LMAB Drunk Shooter 25cm - LMAB Drunk Shooter 25cm - LMAB Drunk Shooter 25cm - LMAB Drunk Shooter 25cm - LMAB Drunk Shooter 25cm -

LMAB Drunk Shooter 25cm

Qty Description Price
LMAB Drunk Shooter 25cm - Ayu Alex
LMAB Drunk Shooter 25cm - Ghosty Gary
LMAB Drunk Shooter 25cm - Purple Paul
LMAB Drunk Shooter 25cm - Cherry Charly
LMAB Drunk Shooter 25cm - Crystal Carl

LMAB Drunk Shooter 23cm is a combination for pelagic fishing, which consists of a special head and irresistible shad The LMAB Drunk Shooter's 55g head is tapered and aqua-dynamically shapedn this means it sinks particularly quickly and when it reaches the desired depth, it remains perfectly horizontal in the water. Characteristics that are very important in pelagic fishing and are often decisive for the catch.

Head - Fixed in the rubber bait with a 2 cm long screw spiral, it holds securely and is equipped with eye-catching star eyes in the Drunk Bait design with a prism look for additional visual stimuli.

Stinger - A Teflon-coated special treble hook of size 1/0 is provided with 2 pins, which optimally fix it in the softbait. This means that all 3 hook tips remain free for a high bite rate.

Shad - The softbait is 23 cm long, which together with the head gives a total length of 25 cm. It has 2 long-protruding pectoral fins and 1 long-protruding anal fin for micro-vibrations and, depending on the leadership style, the heart tail ensures no action, low action or high action. Standing still in the water No Action and as soon as it is rocked slightly or pulled slowly, the heart shaped tail comes to low action life. When pulled hard, such as when descending quickly, the Heart Tail literally explodes into high action and has an intense, opposite paddling action.


  • Total length: 25cm
  • Head 2cm and Lure 23 cm
  • Total weight: 95g
  • Head 55g and Lure 40g
  • Depending on fishing style; No Action, Low Action or High Action
  • Shad is made from soft, phthalate-free rubber compound
  • Seafood aroma
  • Star eyes in the Drunk Bait design with prism optics

Available colours: Ayu Alex, Ghosty Gary, Purple Paul, Cherry Charly & Crystal Carl...In Stock Now!!!

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